Skanssi, Turku

The developing area of Skanssi in Turku presents itself as a new ecological and residential zone. In the initial design workshop, existing ideas from the previous planning processes were mapped out. Also, our collective understanding of ecological living and the ideology of Jan Gehl’s people-centered city were deepened.

After joint brainstorming, the design acquired a new overall form which drew inspiration from the descending valley as the building heights decreased to the South. Green urban courtyards transform into urban farming patches before merging into the surrounding park. Terraced building masses offer views to the green center, the new central park and the forest on the Eastern side. Greenery flows from the natural surroundings to the courtyards, balconies, facades and the building structures. The architectural language and the building materials used, such as wood, support green building goals. Skanssi encourages and supports the ecological lifestyle of its residents with its greenhouses, sharing economy ideals and pleasant small-scale pedestrian networks.





City of Turku


22,5 ha, 130 000 km2



Responsible designer

Trevor Harris

Project architect

Iris Andersson


Iines Karkulahti