Siltasairaala hospital has been completed


Siltasairaala (‘Bridge Hospital’), the largest new hospital project in Helsinki and in the history of HUS (Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa), has been handed over to the customer on schedule by SRV, the main contractor.

Harris-Kjisik Architects has been a major part of the Team Integrated Silta consortium responsible for the architectural and principal design of the building, together with AW2 Architects, B&M Architects and Brunet Saunier Architecture.

Siltasairaala has a floor area of almost 70 000 sqm2 and it is connected on multiple levels to the existing hospital buildings on the Helsinki Meilahti hospital campus, featuring prominently on the campus cityscape. The new building contains an emergency area, 16 operating theatres, intensive care units with 58 intensive care beds, outpatient clinics, four wards with 215 hospital beds and extensive imaging facilities. In addition, numerous teaching and research spaces, a staff restaurant, a cafe and a pharmacy are incorporated in the building.

The focus of the architectural design has been to make the building an accessible and humane healing environment for the patients, visitors and staff alike, as well as finding solutions to the demanding functional and technical requirements. The principal and architectural design of the project was done in close collaboration together with the client, the users, contractor, and numerous design disciplines.


More info available at the HUS website (in Finnish):