Master Plan of Helsinki University Hospital main Campus

The Hospital’s main campus in the Meilahti district of Helsinki was first planned in 1909 and no masterplan for the whole area has been prepared since the 1930s. This project was started through a parallell sketching exercize into which three offices were invited. As a result of this Harris-Kjisik were appointe to prepare the actual masterplan which would function a a base for the preparation of judicial plans for any future interventions in the area. The large site covers the equivalent of nine Helsinki city grid plan blocks. The main aim was to make the area into an integral part of the surrounding urban structure and make it accessible from all directions, both physically and mentally. The task was also to study the possibilities of future extensions and to locate those elements (New Pediatric Hospital, Trauma and Oncological Hospitals) for which decisions, together with functional programmes, had already been made.



Meilahti, Helsinki


The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa


Area 22 ha, 120 000 + 50 000m2 of new buildings




Lead Consultants, Switzerland/Karin Imoberdorf (logistics), Sitowise Oy/Seppo Karppinen (traffic)