Make 2.0 – wooden block of flats

In this project (Make 2.0) the aim was to design a prototype mini block of flats utilising a timber frame construction. The building is designed to be cost effective and extremely adaptable to different potential infill sites with varying surroundings. The project was commissioned by the City of Helsinki Housing production (ATT) and financed by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA) and the Finnish Ministry of Environment.

In addition to cost effectiveness, the quality of the living environment was emphasized, for example by opening all the flats to multiple directions. The building concept allows for variations of the flat sizes, as well as several alternative options for the roof shape and facade solution, depending on the context of the site. The construction can be realized using a fully prefabricated element-based wooden building system.

Environmental factors were an integral part of the design process, eg. by utilising energy and carbon footprint calculations in the decision making and in design of the orientation, sun protection and the HVAC systems of the building.



City of Helsinki Housing production (ATT)


1600 … 1950 sqm (gross)




Insinööritoimisto Asko Keronen, rakennesuunnittelu / structural design; Jensen Hughes, palokonsultointi / fire consultant; Granlund, sähkö-, LVI- ja sprinklersuunnittelu, energia- ja ympäristöasiantuntija / electrical and HVAC design, energy and environmental expertise


Pekka Heikkinen, pääsuunnittelija, Trevor Harris, Henna Iinsalo, Jari Kiuru, Hannu Louna, Kathleen Dieme