Helsinki Eastern Centre

Open international two-stage competition (48 entries). 1st prize and subsequent commission.

At present the Helsinki Eastern Centre (Itäkeskus) is the central part of a suburban entity dominated by shopping centres and major traffic arteries. The competition entry provides for a new pedestrian centre by continuing the grid plan across the motorway as an uniterrupted structure with smooth level changes. In spite of the large amount of traffic the pedestrian experience will be reminiscent of that in an easygoing hilltown. In the future Itäkeskus will no longer just be a cluster of massive amounts of building but an inspring assortment of activities, events, cultures, and possibilities.

”The public spaces have been carefully studied and designed and their number and mutual relationships are realistic. The variations in levels and the pedestrian environment together form an interesting network of elements. Different Public spaces and parks have been given distinct profiles and the entry contains a vision based on a profound understanding of the surrounding mega landscape…..”

excerpt from the jury report



Itäkeskus (Eastern Centre) and the area around Puotila metro station, Helsinki


The City of Helsinki, Urban Environment Division


380 750 sq.m.




VSU Landscape Architects, WSP (traffic), Henri Horn (energy), Humphrey Kalanje (multiculturalism), Matti Kuittinen (carbon neutrality), Saara Suojoki (culture)

Responsible designer

Trevor Harris, Iines Karkulahti, Henna Iinsalo, Hennu Kjisik, Taru Niskanen, Kathleen Dieme, Outi Palosaari (VSU), Terhikki Vaarala (VSU)


Hannin Alnimri, Can Özcan, Lauri Kontiainen, Charlotte Nyholm,Aino Raatikka, Janne Kivelä Kelly Corcoran, Catarina Ketonen