Two private houses in York, UK

The site is situated in the immediate vicinity of the medieval centre of York and its city walls. The project is the design of two large (more than 400m2) three-storey private houses in a very tight area of existing Victorian properties. Before the construction was able to commence, after the demolition of the existing property on the site, archeologic excavations were performed and as is usual in York, plenty of Roman relics were found.

To acquire planning permission is under these circumstances not an easy process. The York planners do, however, today accept the fact that historical layers should be clearly distinguishable in these areas. Naturally at the same time, new projects should show respect to their historical surroundings and adhere to the scale of existing buildings. Construction is expected to start in the spring of 2020.



Marygate, York, UK


Private client


about 900m2



Responsible designer

Hennu Kjisik, Trevor Harris


Maxime Jacot, Kelly Corcoran