Hakaniemi shoreline

Open international competition (68 entries), 1st prize and subsequent commission

The subject for the competition is the largest and most prominent infill project in the centre of Helsinki in the next few years. The entry mixes urbanity with greenness and privacy with openness. The new built environment is inspired by the rugged working class traditions of the Hakaniemi area, while celebrating the scale and classical rythm of the housing blocks of Kruunuhaka across the water. The competition win led to a commission to elaborate the designs of the shoreline and the housing blocks.

”The landscape design supports the distinct urban appearance of the building... The terraces and the vegetation form an integral part of the waterfront creating different-sized spaces and pleasant surroundings for people to gather… The plan takes into consideration the open landscape towards Kruunuvuorenselkä bay”.

excerpt from the jury report



Hakaniemenranta and Siltavuorenranta shorelines, Helsinki


City of Helsinki, Urban Planning Office


86 250 m2 of new floor area




VSU maisema-arkkitehdit Oy / VSU Landscape Architects

Responsible designer

Trevor Harris, Hennu Kjisik, Outi Palosaari


Iris Andersson, Maxime Jacot, Iines Karkulahti, Catarina Ketonen, Lauri Klemola, Annamari Löfgren, Aino Raatikka, Sofia de Vocht, Can Özcan