Jokiniemi campus

Jokiniemi campus will add to the growing city structure of Vantaa and form a mixed-use, lively, and resource-wise city center-like area in the immediate vicinity of the Tikkurila station center. The area includes a Learning Campus complex as well as supporting activities and outdoor spaces, business, service sector, office, and residential buildings. As an alternative strategy, this area is also included in a review study, which is looking for a location for the main healthcare center in the Tikkurila area. In the plan, the offices protect the area along its noisiest western edges while housing is located in the middle of the area and along Jokiniemenkatu. The business premises are located on the edges of the main public outdoor spaces.

Pedestrians have been prioritized in the area and connections continue uninterrupted throughout the area. The conceptual backbone of the area is a series of spaces formed by the central pedestrian walking route and its associated small parks and squares. The green axial routes coming from Winterinmäki nearby, cross Jokiniemenkatu as shared spaces, where passing vehicular traffic through is slowed down. These shared areas then continue inside the area, connecting to the walking route. In the plan lower floors of the new buildings form plinths for the upper floors, which are higher on the railway side. Higher parts rise from the base masses as accents, creating variety, liveliness and flexibility for the city structure. By moving and relocating accents, the overall plan can be adapted and optimized to fit the final functions.





The City of Vantaa


7 ha, 108 000 km2




Maisema-arkkitehtitoimisto VSU Oy, WSP Oy, Ethica Oy


Trev Harris, Henna Iinsalo, Taru Niskanen, Elina Jaara, Iris Andersson, Kwan Yui Ip, Yuxin Wu, Hannin Alnimri