Healthcare 2025, Buildings for the Future

Open international idea competition (46 entries), 1st prize ex aequo (together with Carel Weeber)

The idea of the competition was to find new ideas and concepts about how to organize health care in the future. The assignment was to envision a city of 160 000 inhabitants in The Netherlands on reclaimed land, and to create a concept for the healthcare system as well as the buildings to serve it. The ancient Greek Asclepieion concept was chosen as a starting point, buildings located in the heart of the city thus profiting from the synergy provided by other functions in the city. Flexibility and modularity were key words in the design of the facilities.


“The urban development plan is well thought out, realistic and appeals to the imagination. The atmosphere of the architecture is relaxed yet of a changing quality”.

excerpt from the jury report



Markermeer, The Netherlands


Netherlands Board for Healthcare Institutions (Bouwcollege), Utrecht


100 000 m2




Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University) SOTERA Research Institute

Responsible designer

Hennu Kjisik, Trevor Harris, Marta de Abreu


Erkki Vauramo, Urpo Alanko, Antti Autio, Robin Wycherley, Hannu Louna, Taru Niskanen, Anni Reinikainen