Future Hospitals – competitive and healing

Open international competition (35 entries), special mention

The motto of our entry for this ideas competition was ”Cure for Sure”. The competitors could freely choose the programme, as well as the location, for this imaginary health care facility. The aim was to create new concepts and visions for buildings serving the infrastructure for cure and care. Our chosen site was an empty piece of land in Helsinki’s Itäkeskus district, by the crossing of the inner ring road and the eastern motorway. The aim was to include all the elements and features that during the past few years had dominated the discussion about what a new, truly modern hospital should and would be like.



Itäkeskus, Helsinki


Netherlands Board for Healthcare Institutions (Bouwcollege), Utrecht




Helsinki University of Technology (Aalto University) SOTERA Research Institute

Responsible designer

Trev Harris, Hennu Kjisik


Erkki Vauramo, Kalevi Lauslahti, Jenni Hölttä, Anni Hapuoja, Vesa Kämäräinen, Tuomo Siitonen, Pirjo Sipiläinen, Vesa Ekroos, Christopher Delany, Beni Kjisik