Espoo City Hall with surrounding urban blocks

Open international competition (68 entries), 1st prize (ex aequo) and subsequent commission

Unification, activation and renewal of the disjointed urban center from the 70’s by diversifying functions and creating a distinctive new City hall with an adjoining urban square. The aim is also to improve the connections between the two sides currently separated by the railway tracks. The solutions are based on energy-efficient comprehensive solutions. The subsequent commission consisted of providing alternatives for the central blocks with the aim of improving the townscape and the quality urban life as well as increasing the amount of housing in the area.



Espoon keskus, Espoo


City of Espoo


127 000m2 (central blocks), 7 200 m2 (city hall), 48 000 m2(city hall environs)


2007-2008 (competition), 2013-2014 (subsequent commission)


Jukka Syvälahti (WSP Finland), OyMaisemasuunnittelu Hemgård / Hemgård Landscape architects

Responsible designer

Trevor Harris, Hennu Kjisik


Marta de Abreu, Anni Reinikainen, Hannu Louna, Hugo Castaneda Chavez, Ilkka Törmä, Taru Niskanen